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Dive into the world of color with creative experts, the ADORNit Girls! 
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"Over 30 Years of Coloring Experience "
Georgana, Alison and Jackie grew up watching and learning from their artistic mom, Carolee, who taught and published art books for more than 30 years, they have gained expertise in creativity and want to teach it to you! 

We will break down the art of coloring into a five week masterclass where we will make you feel as though you have been invited into our personal crafting space to color with us. 

In this Masterclass five week course, you will go from coloring to creating art. Here's What We'll Cover In The Course:
Learn how to maximize your creativity with a workspace for a coloring expert. The ADORNit Girls walk you through their favorite way to color on-the-go.
Look at colors in a whole new way as we break up the color wheel into your artistic language.

 Beginner: Break down the color wheel into primary, complementary, monochromatic, and more.

Intermediate: Take your art to another level with lights and darks, highlights & shadows.

Advanced: Pick out trending colors and discover how to use them in your projects.

Make the most out of your core supplies as you learn how to take your favorite medium into another level. 

Beginner: The most simplistic way to watercolor, pencils!

Intermediate: Be a little more loose with coloring when you learn watercolor cake paints.

Advanced: Combine pencils and paints to layer and take your color to another level.

Advanced 4A: Keep it loose when you learn how to freestyle your painting and color outside the lines.

Take your project to another level with stellar deliverables when you learn more ways to enhance your project with stamps, inks, textures, spritizes, and stencils. 

Beginner: Stamping 
Intermediate: Stencils & Spritzes 
Advanced: Drop salts and masking

It’s time to display your artwork! Learn different ways showcase your finished project.

Beginner: Make fast and easy tags & cards.

Intermediate: Display your project making it into a unique home decor piece.

Advanced: Everyone loves a cute banner swag, so why not use your coloring pages?

Bonus: Order Today and We'll Give You All These Goodies When You Order The Coloring Masterclass! ($165 Value)
  •  We're going to give you your very own color theory ebook.  ($30 Value)
  •  $15.00 ADORNit cash to buy supplies on
  • Access to the ADORNit Show Facebook group where you can be inspired by others and share your own projects. Stay connected to the ADORNit Girls and keep your eyes open for exclusive coupons just for you! ($80 Value)
  •  After the 5 week course, join the ADORNit girls in a question and answer live video just for the masterclass members. ($40 Value)
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